Södra Halla

Apartments and rooms with breakfast (B&B). Are you looking for a holiday address in Sweden? If so, Södra Halla is just what you’re looking for. Södra Halla House is a unique holiday home in Värmland where you can rent attractive, authentic Swedish-style rooms and apartments. Södra Halla is also a popular rendezvous and a fantastic B&B for touring holiday makers.

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Location. This unusual Swedish house is located in Central Sweden in the picturesque village of Älvsbacka, 40 km north of Karlstad. The large white country home has wooden floors, antique tiled stoves and deep-set windows. It stands in splendid grounds, surrounded by apple trees. In contrast with most houses in Sweden, which are wooden, Södra Halla is built of stone.


Owners. Johanne Lether and Kees van der Stelt, both pianists, are the owners. They bought the house in 2006 and have renovated it with affection, patience and a feeling for style. It is large enough to provide space both for Johanne and Kees and their family, and their guests. The left side is their private home, and on the right side they have created two splendid apartments. In the large attic on the first floor are various rooms, including several especially for children.


Bed and Breakfast rooms. Four splendid rooms on the first floor have recently been renovated, retaining many of the original features such as wooden floors and ceilings, and deep oak window frames. Under the sloping roof adjacent to these rooms are two unique children’s rooms, the Hobbit Room and the Elf Room. The apartments each have separate children’s rooms with bunk beds.

Hobbit Room and Elf Room. These are the rooms of a child’s dreams. Built-in beds have been created under the sloping roof between the massive wooden roof beams. To get into bed, the child climbs up a beech wood ladder.

Apartments. Visitors who wish to stay longer are amply catered for. The apartments have been designed with great care to be suitable for young and old. Guests have at their disposal a nice shower room, a separate toilet, a modern, fully equipped living room/kitchen, a bedroom with a comfortable double bed, and an adjacent friendly children’s room with bunk beds and toys.


Vicinity. Vӓrmlands Lӓn in central Sweden is famous for its warm summers, cold winters, exceptionally beautiful countryside, extensive forests and many lakes linked like strings of pearls. The village of Älvsbacka is surrounded by country side. You can walk directly into the never-ending woods from the Södra Halla grounds. A stream flows in front of the house, and beavers have created their own fascinating world in the woods behind. There are lakes with a beach and pier only a few minutes’ walk away. In the neighbourhood you can rent horses. Ten minutes’ drive away is the village of Molkom, with a supermarket and small shops. In half an hour you’re in Karlstad, a university city with an attractive shopping centre, museums, festivals, antique markets, and of course ….. Ikea!

Future Plans. We’re going to make Södra Halla suitable for groups as well. In the near future, we’ll place a stage in the large attic room, where various activities and events can take place.